Our Re-Entry Program

Transitional Housing

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Peers Mentoring Center

The Peers Mentoring Center is a comprehensive reentry program open to all persons, but specializing in men and women transitioning home after serving a term of incarceration, struggle with addiction and substance use disorder, active duty in a war and the related PTSD, or any other trauma related event

An environment where participants are able to move forward in a positive way, rather than be judged and put down for previous shortcomings or mistakes

Our Re-Entry Program
Peers Mentoring Center (PMC)

PMC provides workforce development training utilizing an evidence-based curriculum.


PBP facilitates assisting individuals with identifying safe and feasible housing options by offering dignified, transitional housing.

Workforce Development

PMC offers comprehensive reentry services to individuals transitioning home after serving a term of incarceration, individuals recovering from alcoholism and substance use disorder, PTSD or any other trauma-related experience(s).

Vocational Training

Focused on enhancing knowledge and hands-on skills, our vocational training programs provide on-the-job training to build skills to enter the workforce at a liveable wage.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Through intensive case management and mentoring efforts, PBP/PMC commits itself to offering support, education and resources to the individuals we serve by addressing negative values, attitudes and beliefs and relearning a positive set of skills to contribute to oneself, their family and the community at large.

Case Management

Frequent Asked Questions

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